When you’re here..

Just a few more months. I can hold you again, I can feel your skin against mine again. I can smell your smell again. That smell that only you have. Just a few more months until I’ll be able to touch you again. Cuddle with you again and make weird faces with you again. Until we can joke about lame things again. Be in our own little bubble again. Just the two of us. Together.

If only for a few weeks, I’ll be happy again. Laying next to you again and waking up seeing you as the first person, again. I’ll be content. If only for a little while. I’ve waited so long for this moment. The few weeks before you’ll arrive will be the best because I get to mentally prepare myself for your arrival. Which means a lot of anxiety, but you know.. the good kind. The butterflies in my stomach again, the random giggles and the lip bites because you know I do this when I get anxious. The twinkle will come back into my eyes and I know it’s only for a little while, but really… any amount of time together will make me whole again. We will go to random places, I’ll show you around my country. And yes, even I will be a tourist in my own country for a bit. I’ll hold hands with you again and we will definitely get that couple jewelry when you’re here. I’ve got so much planned for us together when you’re here…. in a few months.

I want nothing more to see you get squeezed by my mother, because believe me, you will. I want to formally introduce you to my parents and see you converse with them, laugh with them, be amazed with them. I want you to be a part of my life even more than you already have been. And you will be… in just a few more months.


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