10 songs I used to listen to. (what was I thinking?)


Hi guys! So let me paint you a picture of how I wanted to spend my evening. I remembered once seeing a video of how to make your own hologram for a smartphone. I decided to try this out and searched my entire house for a damn CD case(where are those bloody things aymore lately, nobody uses CD’s anymore). Anyways, while I was searching for this, I got distracted. Got distracted big time. I found an old CD of mine in the drawer I was searching in. One I hadn’t touched in yeaaars. On the front of the CD it says: Naomi Music 4 ❀
I ran over to my PC, turned it on, put the CD in and hoped it would still work. Because as you can see on the picture that I took of the CD, it looks like it has been long long loooong forgotten about. I also noticed some scratches on the back of the CD so I almost gave up hope. However, only the FIRST song was messed up. The other 20 songs were completely fine. Now this is a CD that I compiled myself back in the days. Remember? When you found awesome songs you loved and grabbed an empty CD-ROM and started burning songs onto it? Remember when that was still cool? Yeah, me neither. But yeah! We did that in my house a lot, even when it was no longer cool. Including yours truly. And me especially have a soft spot for these CD’s. Because A: I messed up the first 3 CD’s because I didn’t know how to do it properly. And B: because it sort of brings you back to that time period. Where you told yourself: Okay, Naomi.. This is very important. CD-ROM’s aren’t for free, you need to think hard and carefully about your most favorite songs. And those songs will make it to this CD-ROM. So think… think.

And here is where it gets fun. So I listen to the first song, luckily it actually was a song from one of my very very veeery old ‘friends’ that I don’t talk to anymore(they had a band and whatnot). And only that one was messed up, so yay for Karma, amirite?
I continued on to the next 20 songs and low and behold they all brought me back. There was even one of them that made me (silently) scream of happiness. I say silently because by this time it was already after midnight and both my parents are asleep..
I thought it would be fun to tell you guys which songs these were and tell you the backstory of them. No no, not all 20 songs. Just 10 of them. I have no idea how long this post will be. They’re not all extremely old though. I think this CD was from the time when I was about 15 to 16 years old. I say 15 to 16 because I am pretty damn sure I made these CD’s in the house where it was haunted (remember, paranormal storytime video?). And I used to jam to them in my room, where I would be like 99% of the time. SO without further ado, let’s get into the ‘old’ songs.
Also, I listened to the songs before I made this post and it immediately brought me back to the time and the feels. So I will be telling you exactly why these 10 songs made it to this CD.

Track Number 4: The All American Rejects – Gives you Hell
Now THIS song made me laugh so hard. I put this song on the CD because ladies and gentlemen, I had just ‘dated’ (airquotes) ‘dated’ a guy via the internet. COUGH COUGH. And anyways, he was a douchebag. We stopped ‘dating’ and I decided I needed some revenge song to get over him. No, I didn’t send it to him. I just listened to it, on repeat every day. And I’d sing along with the chorus as loud as I could: WHEN YOU SEE MY FACE, HOPE IT GIVES YOU HELL.
Yup, that was me.

Track Number 7: Jennifer Lopez Ft. Lil Wayne – Into You
I remember this was my jam in the summer time of said year and it was on repeat all day every day on the radio. I liked it so much I decided to put it on my CD. That’s all. What, you thought I had a legit reason for every single song on this CD because you can only burn songs onto a CD-ROM once and if you mess it up it’s always going to be on there, so you’d think I’d think more carefully about the songs I’d put on it? …. Yeah…. Well… That is not the case with every song.

Track Number 9: Queen of the Damned – System
Okay, before I move on I know this is actually a song from Korn, however I like the movie version much more. Which is basically Korn and the main actor singing together, I believe? Anyways. Yeah so, I was pretty late to discovering the 2002 movie Queen of the Damned. But when I did finally find it and watched it. I really loved it for some reason. Probably because the main actor, playing the vampire Lestat was so damn gorgeous.. But yeah it was a good movie too. This is the first song you hear in the movie, I’m sure and I somehow loved the sound of it. Even though it has very dark lyrics, like the ‘why won’t you die’ part… Well I’m not always too picky when it comes to the lyrics, if I like the sound, I’ll like the song. What can I say? To be honest, after listening to it again, I still like the sound of the song. I’m really not that picky.

Track Number 10: Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit
So I actually wanted to leave this one for last because it was the one that made me (silently) scream and bop my head to it and feel warm inside. Decided not to however, because it would mess up this list. I am putting the songs down in the correct order and it would just be weird if we went from 16 back to 10. So the heck with it. But seriously.. Breaking the Habit. So I don’t know why but I do remember how and when it started. When I just moved to the city for the first time in my life, when I was about 7 years young. I turned on MTV(way back when MTV still had music on it every day) and this song came on. I watched the video of it and it was drawn in this really awesome way for me and I just remember liking it. I never heard it after that again until way later and I searched for the song. When I finally found it, I loved loved looooved it. I don’t know why, honestly. It’s a song however that I absolutely love, then play too many times over and over again and then forget about it for a few years. Honestly I haven’t heard this song in yeaaars and when it came on my CD I was so happy you guys. You know how sometimes a certain song just brings you back to good memories and just good vibes and makes you feel all happy? That’s what this song does to me, even though it’s not a very beautiful love song or whatever. I just love it. Same goes for Numb, FYI, but that song isn’t on this CD.

Track Number 15: Christina Aguilera Ft. P.Diddy – Tell Me
This song once played when I was in the car with my real father. He always had subwoofers in the back of his car. He was a real sucker for bass and loud music in his car. That’s where I get my love for bass from and loud music as well. So that did rub off on me. Also the deafness in one ear for that matter. But yeah, I heard it with extreme bass in his car when I was younger and I loved it ever since. But only with good bass. When I listenend to it on this CD, with the sound coming from a crappy TV/CD-player it just didn’t give me the same feels. Nonetheless it’s on there so there ya go!

Track Number 16: Paramore – Pressure
I am a huge fan of The Sims franchise. Always have and probably always will. Back when I was 10 my mother had given me my first game console, the GameCube. And with it, she gave me The Sims 2. I didn’t know until years later that one of the songs that played on the radio in the Sims game, was an actual song by Paramore. I basically knew the ENTIRE Paramore song in Simlish, in the Sims 2 GameCube game… That’s how much I played it, and played that song. Though it did sound weird when I first heard the song years later, in English, I still kind of liked it because it brought me back to the time where I’d spend hours on my room, playing on the GameCube, having a blast.

Track Number 17: Rihanna – California King Bed
I was actually surprised hearing this song again after such a while. Because why don’t we hear these kind of songs from Rihanna anymore? You know, when they play ‘older’ songs that artist had made. I mean you do hear Only Girl in the world, why not this one? I honestly haven’t heard this song since I last listenend to it on this CD. Which was back when I was 15/16. To be honest, I still really like it. It’s a vulnerable and yet beautiful song. And I don’t know why those two words were the first one that popped up in my mind to describe it for you guys, but it did. And hey, guess what? I’m going to listen to this one later. Ah, right the reason why it’s on the CD. Well I liked it.

Track Number 18: Shakira – Waka Waka
THIS SONG.. Ohmygoodness. THIS SONG right here. Was played SOOOOO much during the World Championship of soccer in Africa. It was all over the news, everywhere on tv(soccer and this song). Everywhere you went, you’d hear Shakira sing Waka Waka and it would immediately be linked to the big soccer game in Africa. To be honest, sometimes, every now and again this song comes back on the radio. Everytime it does, everyone in my country starts dancing and singing along again. It somehow makes us all very happy. It made me happy and it still does. That’s why it’s on the CD πŸ™‚

Track Number 19: Three Days Grace – Last to Know
Oh god, here comes the emo song. No, I actually wasn’t emo or anything, or at least I don’t think so. But this song is. For sure. Yet it is also still kind of beautiful. I don’t know why. Probably because someone I once knew sent me this song and this person meant a lot to me. The story behind it was personal and it was just a very heavy story, compared with this song, it just brings emotions with it for some reason. To me it still does. Even though it’s years later and I don’t talk to this person anymore. When I listen to it now though, I don’t instantly think of those feelings because they don’t matter anymore. But I think I’ll always gets that heavy feeling when I listen to it, and somehow there’s something about this song that will probably always draw me to it.. every once in a blue moon.

Track Number 21: Within Temptation – What have you done
So I know Within Temptation actually has a lot of other (more beautiful) songs, however I decided to go for this one. I can’t remember exactly why I did it. If I had put ‘Stand my Ground’ on it, I’d know, because that was the first song I heard of the band. However, I chose this one. This, so-so one. This, I kind of regret putting this as the last track of the CD-one. Because you’d think the last one would be the best, but nope. You’re wrong. I was probably just sick and tired of the time I had to wait to burn the songs onto the CD-ROM, but still wanted to fill up the CD with 21 tracks because I somehow had set that number as my go to limit for CD’s. Probably ran out of ideas. So here ya go. A Dutch rock band singing a song with some other guy that I don’t know.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this totally random blogpost of mine. It wasn’t at all prepared. Like I said, I completely got distracted while trying to create a DIY-hologram thingamajigger for your smartphone. I totally ditched the idea of creating that by the way. Will proooobably go to sleep right after I post this hahah.
I didn’t put all the songs on here because it would simply be too long and to be honest, the songs that I skipped in here were just either: too boring or too embarrasing for me to mention. So I won’t πŸ˜‰
Have a great day, I will go sleep and see you guys later



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