New Years Video!!!

Hi guys! So a few things before I start this video.

Number 1: The sound quality kind of sucks in the beginning of the video but around 1 minute, it gets better. I had my headphones plugged into my iPad and forgot to take it out whilst recording the first bit of the video. The headphones were behind me on the bed(silly drunk Naomi me) and I only noticed until later.
Which brings me to number 2: When I was making this video I honestly thought the alcohol I had that day did not affect me whatsoever, except making me tired. Right now, 2 days later, sober awake Naomi can detect some tipsy-ness in there. Honestly I might even be actually drunk there. I haven’t figured it out yet…
And lastly, number 3: I know this video may seem pointless and even boring to you guys. I am not really making that much sense, I’m taking off my make-up while talking to you guys. I even didn’t want to upload it to my blog until about 30 minutes ago, I however decided to do it anyways. As it truly and officially is my very first video of 2017.

So last minute I decided to edit it, and now it’s on here for you guys to see. I PROMISE that starting….. soon(soon may be in a few weeks though), I will start my normal blogposts again and my more normal videos. So no more vlogs, since that’s what I’ve been doing mostly lately. Like I feel the last couple of videos I made were last minute videos, and videos that I didn’t think through like I did with for example my “Retail Rant” video. My recent videos have been just kind of me talking about something but rambling more like and I don’t know. Let’s just say I’m not PROUD of those videos hahaha, however the last month of 2016 was extremely messy for me. Example; me working non stop, barely having any free time at all, and just last minute doing everything with my blog. It really isn’t easy having a job and a blog at the same time :c
I of course don’t know what 2017 has to offer me, work related. So I don’t know how much spare time I will get, however this week starts off pretty relaxed and I hope it kind of stays this way for at least a few weeks so I can maybe think of a good video/blogpost to work on for y’all 🙂

I also feel like I keep apologizing for the videos I put on my blog and I need to stop doing this because I do get a fair amount of likes from you guys and I just need to stop apologizing ^^
Now, this was almost an entire blogpost on it’s own so I’m sorry for this, continue on to the video and thank you guys, as always 🙂


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