Hi guys!!! Real quick before you watch this video, and this is after I edited it; I did not edit too much of my mistakes out of this video. Actually I left in a few very bad(or at least I consider them bad) bloopers and mistakes I ALWAYS make when making a video. Which is basically me stumbling over words, stuttering and just completely failing at speaking English. I have two reasons for that. 1 is because like I said, I wanted to keep it as raw and crazy as possible so you guys could see, feel and hopefully understand how crazy excited I am. Therefore showing a very human side of me you might not have seen before 🙂
2 is because I thought it would be funny to you guys maybe. For me very cringey after I see the end result but hopefully funny to some of you hahah.

BUT ENOUGH with the text, let’s get into the video. If you want to know what the crazy excited LDR update is, then by all means watch me try and explain it to all of you ! :3
Thank you guys and I’ll see you next time xoxo



8 thoughts on “CRAZY EXCITED LDR UPDATE!!!!

  1. This is my first time reading your blog and I feel so dumb. :/ lol I read the title and was like, “what does LDR stand for?”Then i read the post and was still like, “what does it stand for?”. Then I saw your video and was like, “oh it stands for long distance relationship,duh.” :’) 🙂

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