My last update until “next year” ;)

Hi guys! First things first! Yeah it is gonna happen. TY is coming to visit me next year, I was hoping to have more details but alas.. We have to wait until he gets back to University to know when he’ll come visit and for how long.. but regardless he is coming and not for the two months as I’ve mentioned in the crazy excited ldr update video. I had an idea that that would be too good to be true and I was right. So basically he gets a total of two month of summer vacation. But that’s in general, he however, will only get about three, maybe four weeks off in total. Just like it is over here. But however long he’s coming to stay, he IS coming! Reason it took me so long to make this update is because I just had a very busy week behind me, regarding work and I was hoping to get a calmer week this time but sadly that isn’t the case. I still work quite a lot this week but I hope the end is coming… because honestly I’m lazy and tired. Hahah

So with that out of the way I just wanted to say that I hope you all have had a great Christmas. It’s sad to see that George Michael passed away on the first day of Christmas but apart from that my Christmas was lovely and wonderful. I truly hope each and every one of you had a similar Christmas experience this year 🙂 We are now coming near the actual end of 2016. As a matter of fact it’s only 4 days away now. 2017 is upon us guys. I also wanted to take the time and reflect a little bit on my blog. I am currently typing this on my iPad and it’s not quite convenient so I will try to keep it short. Basically in my “my 2016 in less than 30 minutes” video, I talked a lot about my private life. My life outside of this blog. However, there have been some great changes with my blog in this year as well. In 2016, July to be exact. Exactly three years after I started this blog, I decided to start with a clean slate. I deleted most of my old blog posts, gave my blog a new look and changed my name and everything.

Before I was flawsndstuff the hopeless romantic in a LDR sharing her stories, I was an almost 18 year old girl that typed a lot about day to day stuff. WordPress for me was an outlet (if you’re wondering about the whole story I suggest you watch my “TMI Tag” video). I had gained a few followers here and there but it didnt really kick off yet. Now, three years later I have gained some awesome followers on here. Including another LDR couple I even have on social media. I follow them and I see another side of another LDR relationship and I truly wish them all the best ^~^ !

Not only that but I have gained a 100 followers and to me that’s a lot. I do appreciate each and every one of you who follows me, reads my posts, watches my stupid videos and comments. I always try to reply to comments as well to make sure you guys know I’m not just an a-hole with a blog :’)

I’ve come quite far, further than my 18 year old self in 2013 and as I said before I appreciate all the support I get from you guys ❤ We all write and make videos because we want to share things with others, and actually having “others”(you guys) checking it all out is amazing! So thank you all for this, once again and let’s continue on in 2017. In case I don’t make another post until “next year” , wink wink nudge nudge 😉      I wish you all a happy new year and let’s make it a good one ! XOXO

Naomi ~



Hi guys!!! Real quick before you watch this video, and this is after I edited it; I did not edit too much of my mistakes out of this video. Actually I left in a few very bad(or at least I consider them bad) bloopers and mistakes I ALWAYS make when making a video. Which is basically me stumbling over words, stuttering and just completely failing at speaking English. I have two reasons for that. 1 is because like I said, I wanted to keep it as raw and crazy as possible so you guys could see, feel and hopefully understand how crazy excited I am. Therefore showing a very human side of me you might not have seen before 🙂
2 is because I thought it would be funny to you guys maybe. For me very cringey after I see the end result but hopefully funny to some of you hahah.

BUT ENOUGH with the text, let’s get into the video. If you want to know what the crazy excited LDR update is, then by all means watch me try and explain it to all of you ! :3
Thank you guys and I’ll see you next time xoxo


Montage Video!!

Wow wow wow!! Two videos in 2 days?! This is insane, Naomi. Don’t do this to us anymore!!
Well, yeah.. I hope you guys enjoy this small montage video. The only way I can do ‘small’ videos is when it’s a montage 😉
Thanks again for following me this year, thanks for watching my weird self and just all in all thanks for all the love and support you’ve been giving me ♥


My 2016 in less than 30 minutes !!

Ahhh, another year almost over..

Another year with some major downs but also a few good ups.

As I said in this video, my 2016 was not as ‘spectacular’ as my 2015 has been. But at least I’ve learned something this year.
I have only one wish for the upcoming 2017 and that is that it will be a year full of love.
I hope you guys will enjoy my video 🙂

I love you all and have a wonderful weekend!!