Spend time with me! Pt.2

Can you freaking BELIEVE that this is almost an hour long vlog?! Okay, first of all, I DIDN’T plan on making it this long! I swear ;-;
This entire video, unedited, was already one hour and ten minutes long. So I did my best to edit as much of it as possible, without taking away the things I wanted to leave in.
But here are my excuses as to why it’s so long this time.
#1: All of my videos were longer than anticipated because a LOT happened during my work, with my mother and the situation in Spain(it got worse!!). So therefore the raw footage was already longer than expected.
#2: I could’ve easily made a third part, however, I didn’t want to because these videos I made were the last one’s and when I filmed the last one, it was already Saturday.
#3: Since it was already Saturday, I figured I’d just put them all together as one big video. I really do hope you’ll stick to the end of this one, because it has all sorts of things in it.

Summary of the video(without spoilers!)
– I tell you awful news about my mother’s situation…
– I spend my birthday with you guys(whilst being very tired).
– Something weird happened at work.
– At the end, the video became sort of an ASMR/Mukbang/Unboxing(unbagging???) video.

I really do hope you’ll stick with me till the end of the video ❤ and if you do/did: Thank you SO MUCH for spending these eleven days with me/spending my birthday with me/listening to my crap/stories. I really do appreciate every single one of you who did so ❤ ❤ ❤
Thanks!!!!!!!! Now on to the video!!! 🙂



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