A friendship ended because of him..

Now befoooore I put the link to the video below, I’ll explain the title first a little bit.. I’ll go more in depth on it in the video itself..
1: I am not blaming TY for this, whatsoever.
2: This happened a year ago and I am completely fine with the decision I’ve made back then.
3: This video is out there for me to explain something and maybe to help some of you, who are going or went through the same thing.

This is a serious video, no jokes have been made here. It’s raw, had a lot of cuts because I tried to keep it mostly focused on the actual topic itself. I hope you guys enjoy the video in any way 🙂
And tomorrow I’ll upload another video that I made last Monday, explaining why I haven’t been very active on my blog. So watch out for that one too 🙂


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