There’s no future in this relationship (LDR)


So many people I know, even people I barely know talk badly about my LDR. One of the most common things I hear is that “there’s no future in this relationship”. Why, they ask me. What can happen. What do you see when you think of your future with your boyfriend. Where do you see yourself in five years. And so on and so forth.

In five years, maybe ten who knows, I imagine us living together. Maybe not in the most luxurious house ever, but we will have a place of our own. I will wake him up in the morning, cook us a simple yet delicious breakfast. We will sit down at the table and have breakfast. We will both go to work and make money. During the breaks, we will message each other talking about how much this person we work with annoys us. How we love what we do for a living, or maybe how much we hate it. After work, we will sit down together, have a drink, we will prepare dinner and sit down. Talk about how our days went and enjoy the time we have together. We will watch movies, go out and have fun in our spare time. We will annoy each other, prank each other and yeah we will get into arguments together as well. I might even tell him to “leave me alone” and “I don’t want to look at you right now”. We will silently sit on the sofa together, staring into space. I will sigh and slowly move closer to him. “I’m sorry. I was being stupid.” We make up, kiss each other and forget about what just happened. We will go to sleep, cuddling together and during the night I’ll push him off of me because it’s too hot but he will probably move closer to me again. He will push me because I snore when I’m on my back sleeping. Then, in time who knows during a fancy dinner date he’ll go on one knee and ask me to be his forever. He knows I’m not perfect and hell, we both have a lot to work on but we both know we can work on our flaws together. Months, years go by, we are together and we made it. Our lives have become significantly better. Our home is bigger and our jobs are less of a hassle to us. We have figured out what it is like to be living with one another. One morning the little pitter patter of tiny feet will wake us up. “Mommy, daddy! Good morning!” Eventually we will look back and we’ve gotten further than we ever thought we would. Our child(ren) has/have grown up, we are old and gray. One day he will hold me in his arms while I’m looking at my old reflection in the mirror. “You’re still beautiful, bunny,” We embrace, we kiss and for a moment I’ll feel young again. I’ll feel as though I am back to where it all started: at the airport of Taiwan, for the very first time. Seeing his eyes, meeting mine as he’s making his way over to me. “Welcome to Taiwan”.
I close my eyes for the very last time… I draw my last breath and I drift off. I’ve had an amazing life.

I see myself where you see yourself in five or ten years. I have the same dreams, hopes and feelings you have. Everything is the same, except he lives miles and miles away from me. On the other side of the world. My life will be same as yours. My ending will be the same as yours. I am not weird, I am not different. In the end, we just all choose a different path.


17 thoughts on “There’s no future in this relationship (LDR)

  1. A sweet dream for sure, Things I’ve thought about these a lot too. It’s good to hold on to hope, to go through it all together 🙂

  2. I think some people seem to have the opinion that ldr’s are completely different from any other relationship, and they aren’t really. Just because we can’t see our partner every day doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed from the get go.

  3. LDRs are not doomed just because of time zone difference and distance, or at least I don’t believe so. I think they run the same risk as a “normal” relationship if neither of the two communicate or eventually loose interest and affection for the other. People sometimes assume as such but I believe that when I’ve come across comments or views like that (not many, luckily) I simply breeze them off because I know exactly what I have with me on the other side of the world.

    • I agree. I simply tell them that I have faith in the both of us. Just like a ‘regular’ couple would have faith in each other. To me, it really isn’t any different from any other relationship, other than the distance and different timezones. I feel us LDR-ers are lucky that we get to experience this because we are able to build a very strong trust between the both of us. Ontop of that, all we LDR-ers have is communication with each other, all day every day. That’s something that not all ‘regular’ couples get to have nowadays. I’m happy to be in my LDR and I wouldn’t want to trade it in for anything else in the world 🙂

      • Just exactly how I feel about it! I do feel lucky and I’m thankful that I get to experience and be with the person I truly care for, even if he is thousands of miles away from me, at the moment. I believe that being away from the other is hard but makes each and the relationship stronger as well. Same as you! 😊

  4. Don’t listen to people who aren’t even apart of the relationship, they need to mind their own damn business. Good luck in your ldr. I hope your dreams work out

    • Thank you so much ^^ I definitely won’t listen to them, it’s just the annoying comments that CAN get you down, sometimes. But thanks a lot! I appreciate the comment ❤

  5. Lots of people have opinions about so many things, but it doesn’t mean they are right. For some LDR lasts for some it doesnt hence the feedback is positive or negative.

  6. The truth is that no one has the right to judge. I like to think that they just have too much time in their hands – or they themselves have trust issues and they try to implicate that or expect it from others. 🙂 (Sorry if I sound harsh against them.) But honestly, their opinion matters so little when the relationship is definitely something between only the two of you. I hope you guys the bestest in the future ❤ Stay strong and well. Your dream sounds wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh my goodness yes thank you for this comment! Thanks hahaha xd
      You do not sound harsh at all, just spilling the truth 🙂 we will stay strong, always! ❤

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