Storytime idea!

Hi guys! So expect two posts of me today, one is this one you’re currently reading and another one will be up soon, once the video is rendered. Yes, it is going to be another video. I feel like lately my blog is full of videos, though I do sort of balance it out with blogposts as well. However! Whilst this current video(which is not a storytime video) is rendering, I thought I’d let you guys know what my idea is for the next storytime video I’ve got in mind. My last storytime video, though I didn’t specify it was a storytime, was about how I met “the love of my life”; aka TY.

Today, a few hours after I had already recorded the video that will be up soon, I realized I have never told you guys about the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Disclaimer, it will be about something paranormal. This story I want to tell you guys happened about four years ago but it always stuck with me haha. I thought it would be fun to tell you guys. Even if you don’t believe in paranormal stuff, I still think it would be an interesting video. I always like to watch paranormal storytime videos myself as well.

I really hope you guys would want to watch this when its up. I don’t yet know when it’ll be up, but I am seriously going to do it though! In any way, if you do not like paranormal stuff, then you might like the video I’ll upload probably within the hour. I waited until the video was around 80% rendered so it won’t take much longer now. Or else you’d have to wait for about 5(!) hours. Yes, five hours. So expect this video to be up and running within the hour! And I hope you guys have a lovely Sunday left 🙂 thanks for following me xoxo


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