10 months (LDR)

Today marks my 10 month “anniversary” with TY. And I know some of you might think: ‘so what? It’s only ten months.’ But let me explain… I’ve never actually been with someone before TY. I’ve dated some guys before him, tried to date guys and also crushed over one pretty badly before, but never have I ever been with someone for real. The longest time I’ve dated a guy, was two months. (A story about my dating experiences might be up some day on my blog here.)
For me, ten months is a long time. Especially considering the fact that it’s no longer just dating someone but actually being with someone. You probably all have heard of the quote: one day you’ll find someone and you’ll understand why it never worked out with anyone else before, or something like that. That’s how I feel with TY.

Sure, we haven’t reached a year yet, but in two months we will. During this time I also realize how different a LDR is. Of course we already knew this, but when you really stop and think about it, it’s so weird. You don’t feel like 10 months or 12 months or two years have gone by already, because all we do in a LDR is count down the time until we get to be with our partner again. Saving up money, working to achieve that, and so on and so forth. Though I hate to admit it, because I’m always the one saying time goes by really slowly, I’ll have to be honest and say that in this particular case: time really did fly by. I can still vividly remember the first time he hugged me and how it made me feel. And here we are, ten months later and we are talking couple outfits, jewelry, our futures, seeing each other again and what we will do when together again.

I also look back and consider the fact that we both have opened up more towards each other. Which should be a given at some point in your relationship but TY has never been one to be an all open book, for everyone to read. As a matter of fact, he’s quite a closed off person. And that’s fine. Since the very beginning. I’ve never once pushed him to tell me something. If he wanted to share things with me, I’d let him but if not then I’d let it be as well. I’ve always given him that space. Though I’m happy to say he feels more and more comfortable with telling me more personal things about him and his life. Which I love of course, because I am not just dating him, I’m also a part of his life even if he wouldn’t want me to be(joking) ;P

I love the openness we have with each other now, the sharing of feelings and emotions. The telling each other about ourselves. It’s not going at an ultra fast pace, however I like the pace we are taking. Not exposing ourselves all at once but sharing a bit more with each other every now and again. Ten months have flown by, but I am eager to go for many many maaaaaany more months πŸ˜‰ as I’m sure he is too.
Oh, and also, great app if you haven’t heard of it yet: “Love Widget”. No, not sponsored but just for everyone in an LDR, it tells you exactly how many days and months you’ve been together. It also counts down all important dates. Like a one year, a 1000 days. It goes up to 27 years if I’m correct. Sort of like a love D-Day countdown clock thingymajigger πŸ™‚ Β Β Just on a random note ❀
Up to a one year anniversary, everyone!


There’s no future in this relationship (LDR)


So many people I know, even people I barely know talk badly about my LDR. One of the most common things I hear is that “there’s no future in this relationship”. Why, they ask me. What can happen. What do you see when you think of your future with your boyfriend. Where do you see yourself in five years. And so on and so forth.

In five years, maybe ten who knows, I imagine us living together. Maybe not in the most luxurious house ever, but we will have a place of our own. I will wake him up in the morning, cook us a simple yet delicious breakfast. We will sit down at the table and have breakfast. We will both go to work and make money. During the breaks, we will message each other talking about how much this person we work with annoys us. How we love what we do for a living, or maybe how much we hate it. After work, we will sit down together, have a drink, we will prepare dinner and sit down. Talk about how our days went and enjoy the time we have together. We will watch movies, go out and have fun in our spare time. We will annoy each other, prank each other and yeah we will get into arguments together as well. I might even tell him to “leave me alone” and “I don’t want to look at you right now”. We will silently sit on the sofa together, staring into space. I will sigh and slowly move closer to him. “I’m sorry. I was being stupid.” We make up, kiss each other and forget about what just happened. We will go to sleep, cuddling together and during the night I’ll push him off of me because it’s too hot but he will probably move closer to me again. He will push me because I snore when I’m on my back sleeping. Then, in time who knows during a fancy dinner date he’ll go on one knee and ask me to be his forever. He knows I’m not perfect and hell, we both have a lot to work on but we both know we can work on our flaws together. Months, years go by, we are together and we made it. Our lives have become significantly better. Our home is bigger and our jobs are less of a hassle to us. We have figured out what it is like to be living with one another. One morning the little pitter patter of tiny feet will wake us up. “Mommy, daddy! Good morning!” Eventually we will look back and we’ve gotten further than we ever thought we would. Our child(ren) has/have grown up, we are old and gray. One day he will hold me in his arms while I’m looking at my old reflection in the mirror. “You’re still beautiful, bunny,” We embrace, we kiss and for a moment I’ll feel young again. I’ll feel as though I am back to where it all started: at the airport of Taiwan, for the very first time. Seeing his eyes, meeting mine as he’s making his way over to me. “Welcome to Taiwan”.
I close my eyes for the very last time… I draw my last breath and I drift off. I’ve had an amazing life.

I see myself where you see yourself in five or ten years. I have the same dreams, hopes and feelings you have. Everything is the same, except he lives miles and miles away from me. On the other side of the world. My life will be same as yours. My ending will be the same as yours. I am not weird, I am not different. In the end, we just all choose a different path.

Storytime : Evil Moving Candle!! (Paranormal)

DISCLAIMER: this video contains my paranormal expierence from four years ago!! If you are easily spooked, please do not watch this video. If you are a skeptic of the paranormal, that’s fine too and you can watch this video just for fun πŸ™‚
I did not make this story up, this is a true story that really happened to my mother, brother and I.

I didn’t put a scary song under the video nor did I do jumpscares. So don’t worry about this. It’s just me talking and explaining the story. This happenend to me four years ago and it was the scariest thing happening to me at that time. It never happened again after I left that house and said my goodbye’s to whatever was there. If this sparked your curiosity then please be my guest and watch the video πŸ™‚

I hope you will all enjoy it and as Always, thank you xoxo

5 tips&tricks to stay sane in a LDR.

It’s not always easy having a LDR. If you’re reading this, then you’re most likely in one yourself and you will understand this struggle as much as I do.
You live miles and miles apart from each other, cannot talk to or see your partner every day, you can’t just hug/kiss them whenever you feel like it and sometimes it can leave you feeling incredibly alone and terrible. Therefore, I have come up with my own tips and tricks on how to stay ‘sane’ in a LDR. Once again, just like I did with my ‘Tips for maintaining a LDR’ blog post, I want to make clear that not all of these tips will work for you. We can be similar in some ways but completely opposite in other ways. These tips and tricks have worked for me personally but I hope that you, can make use of at least most of them. So let’s go!

#1: Try to stay independent.
I know, it’s hard.. You don’t get to see each other every single day or even get to talk on a daily basis. However, don’t forget that this situation can give you so much power. Yes, you may want to spend every waking minute talking to your spouse, but instead; focus on your life outside of your LDR. You might have an education, a job or both at the same time. Focus on that. Don’t abandon your relationship completely but if you cannot talk to your partner that day, focus on your life. Why is this good? you might think. Because you’ll learn to become independent. So when you two do finally live together, you can do things without your partner. You don’t have to rely on them to make you feel good/succesful. Don’t become co-dependent.

#2: Ignore the haters.
If you’re in a LDR, you will know EXACTLY who I’m talking about. The haters, or the people who simply always got something bad to say about your relationship. Ignore each and every one of them!! First of all, it might make you question why you were in this LDR in the first place. Secondly, it’s not healthy to keep listening to all of that negativity. If you cannot ignore it, tell the people to either: mind their own business, or ask them kindly to refrain from making such comments all the time. Your relationship is YOUR business.

#3: Go out.
I don’t know if anybody else does this, but ever since I’ve been in this LDR I (sometimes) stay home all day just so I get to talk to TY for even a few minutes. In the very beginning of my LDR, I even cancelled all old plans and declined new plans, just so I could stay home all day for my boyfriend. UNHEALTHY!!! You should still go out, have fun without your partner. Socialize with other people other than your spouse. Do you!! One day without your partner won’t kill you and I’m sure it won’t kill him/her either πŸ˜‰

#4: Reflect during bad times.
Sometimes, you just have a tiny moment where you might think to yourself: Why am I doing this? Can I do this? It’s usually a fleeting moment, but these thoughts CAN stick with you if you are going through a hard time. Usually, everything feels wrong or hard when you’re going through a hard time. You’re not a bad person for thinking like this, sometimes. Because, LDR’s aren’t easy! Not in the slightest! And certainly not everybody is cut out for it either. However, when in these types of moments.. Sit down, calm yourself and reflect on everything. Remember why you did this, remember what you’re doing this for, what your goals were, how happy your partner makes you feel and remember that it’s totally worth it. There IS light at the end of the tunnel. And I know, just as much as you, that’s it’s not always sunshine and roses. But it’s not impossible!

#5: Daydream.
Now for this last tip/piece of advice, I don’t know how many people will relate to me when I type the next… But I daydream A LOT. At work, at home, when watching a movie, hell I even daydream when I’m on the toilet. Sometimes when I’m having a really hard time dealing with the distance between us and the time I still have left to wait before I can see him again, I’ll daydream about us. I’ll make up (sometimes) really weird and stupid scenarios. Or, really mushy and romantic stuff, or I’ll just daydream about what we did when we were together in Taiwan. I’ll daydream and I’ll feel a lot better. Because it’s something to look forward to. However, don’t portray your partner in a way that’s not at all accurate to what he or she is like. Or else you’ll make up this completely different persona out of your actual partner. Stay realistic haha. That counts for yours truly as well πŸ˜‰

Thank you guys so much for reading this post. I hope you’re all doing well this week. I’m currently rendering another(!) video. I suspect it’ll be done rendering within the next hour or hour and a half. It’ll be my ‘Storytime video’ about my scariest paranormal expierence. I want to make sure before the video is actually up and running that if you do not like spooky stuff, you might not want to watch it. I am not sure how much spookiness you, as an individual, can take so I’ll warn beforehand πŸ™‚
It is going to be a long video, once again but I just want to explain the length of my videos as well: I cannot, for the life of me, make short videos. Like, how can I explain to you guys, all the details and make the story sound right in less than 10 minutes or even 15 minutes. Hell, even in less than 30 minutes 😑
I hope you guys really don’t mind the long videos.. If you do, then I truly apologize. In any way, thanks for the support β™₯ Always.Β 

My most favorite things!!

Hi guys! So after rendering for 6 EFFIN’ HOURS (smiles sweetly), this video is finally done! So far, it’s one of the longest videos I’ve ever uploaded. I feel like my videos are getting longer and longer, looking back at the first video I uploaded. To explain this, is because I get off topic and sidetracked a LOT whilst recording. I edit most of the boring/off topic parts out of the video in the end and try to leave theΒ ‘best’ bits in it.
I hope you guys will enjoy this video, and let me know if you want to see the ‘Paranormal, scary expierence’ storytime video I was thinking of making for all of you πŸ™‚

What is or are, your favorite thing(s) that you own?? Have a lovely Sunday guys xoxo

Storytime idea!

Hi guys! So expect two posts of me today, one is this one you’re currently reading and another one will be up soon, once the video is rendered. Yes, it is going to be another video. I feel like lately my blog is full of videos, though I do sort of balance it out with blogposts as well. However! Whilst this current video(which is not a storytime video) is rendering, I thought I’d let you guys know what my idea is for the next storytime video I’ve got in mind. My last storytime video, though I didn’t specify it was a storytime, was about how I met “the love of my life”; aka TY.

Today, a few hours after I had already recorded the video that will be up soon, I realized I have never told you guys about the scariest thing that ever happened to me. Disclaimer, it will be about something paranormal. This story I want to tell you guys happened about four years ago but it always stuck with me haha. I thought it would be fun to tell you guys. Even if you don’t believe in paranormal stuff, I still think it would be an interesting video. I always like to watch paranormal storytime videos myself as well.

I really hope you guys would want to watch this when its up. I don’t yet know when it’ll be up, but I am seriously going to do it though! In any way, if you do not like paranormal stuff, then you might like the video I’ll upload probably within the hour. I waited until the video was around 80% rendered so it won’t take much longer now. Or else you’d have to wait for about 5(!) hours. Yes, five hours. So expect this video to be up and running within the hour! And I hope you guys have a lovely Sunday left πŸ™‚ thanks for following me xoxo