5 things I miss about Taiwan.

I don’t just miss the person I am with greatly, I also miss the beautiful island of Taiwan and all the things we did whilst I was there. The places we went to.

imageI miss the food of course, the drinks. Just trying out new things I’ve never had before. I think you can tell by know how much I loved milk tea while I was there.

imageI miss going places, traveling for days on end, barely getting any sleep. Wandering around, mostly at night seeing places. Going somewhere. Sharing memories together, and creating new ones. Just the excite of actually sightseeing in a country that’s so rich of beautiful people and places.

imageThe amazing people we have met along the way. In this particular picture we went to a restaurant. When we were finished and waiting for our dessert, a waiter walked up to us asking me where I was from and how long I was staying. Afterwards he came back with this tray, on it he had made a bear of some sort and wrote: “Welcome to Taiwan”
If that’s not hospitality then I don’t know what is.

imageEnjoying the little things together. We bought lottery tickets one night and sat down together, scratching away. We didn’t win much, we both ‘won’ about 10 euros each(converted of course) but it was fun! Feeding the fishes in Tainan, just small things that might be boring to you when you’re at home. But when you’re in a different country with the person you love, those little things are amazing.

imageAnd lastly, the amazing history of Taiwan. My country has some history but I’m not talking about the things that are written in some history books. I mean, almost everywhere you go in Taiwan, there’s history. History from centuries ago. Sometimes you’ll find yourself walking in places, people from centuries ago have walked. Or you’ll be appreciating some old artwork, or statues from the past that other people over the years have stared at, appreciated or prayed to. Everywhere you go, most of the time, there’s history attached to that specific place. To learn about that or hear stories of it, it’s so beautiful.


6 thoughts on “5 things I miss about Taiwan.

  1. Food in Taiwan is indeed second to none, true ingredients and the chefs really do put so much experience and pride to the food they make, I want to go back already ☺️

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