Favorite Drama’s!

Warning: possible spoilers ahead! I try not to but there might be some.

Hello guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday, I’m just about to end mine in a few hours but I had a day of doing nothing and thought about re-watching a drama. Then I figured I’d share them with you, in case you might want to give them a try 😉

So first things first, they’re not Korean dramas. I know they are the most ‘popular’ nowadays and though I’ve got nothing against them, I just haven’t watched Korean dramas(yet). I’m talking about Chinese dramas. Because even if you’re a westerner and not quite used to the way they make their dramas, they’re highly underrated! They’re actually really good! Well, at least I think they are. Now the dramas I’m going to be talking about are all about the same kind of topic. So there’s quite the pattern here when I watch dramas. Today I’ll be mentioning three of them, and all three are about concubines who live most of their time in a harem in a Chinese palace. That’s quite a mouth full huh. I absolutely love these three and in this post, I’ll give you guys a picture of the drama, a trailer and my thoughts about it. So let’s get this started !

#1: Empresses in the Palace. 


One year ago I logged onto my Netflix and saw this drama on it. On Netflix it only has around 7 episodes but they are each about an hour and a half long. I was quite surprised to see my Dutch Netflix had a Chinese drama on it. Since I was bored I decided to watch it. Up until that point I had never seen a Chinese drama before. I was hooked since the very beginning. If you cannot find it on your Netflix, don’t be afraid! You can find a lot of these similar dramas online with English subtitles if you need those. I rewatched it once more because I remember the first time I saw it my thoughts were that everything happened so fast, that it was hard to keep up. All of the statuses of people, the names, the faces, the drama itself. So when I saw it a second time, it was easier to follow. Also, if you’re not familiar with Asian dramas here’s a little word of advice for you: do not look away, not even for a split second. Maybe it’s just me but I felt like if I looked away for one second I would’ve already missed something very important. Especially since I do not speak the language, it’s not like I can hear what they’re saying and understand whats going on. This was the first Chinese drama I watched and I absolutely loved it. Of course this drama is meant more for females but then again, most dramas always are.

#2: The Empress of China. 



Now this one. Even though it was the second one I’ve watched. Oh my god!! I loved it! Why? – well, it had much much more episodes online. About 76 of them and boy oh boy was it an emotional roller coaster for me while watching. At first it starts off with Ruyi and the emperor and you really want them to be together. All this time there’s so much happening that prevents this(duh, Naomi this is what being a drama is like). But then! When they finally sort of get together another man walks into Ruyi’s life. You can kind of see it coming but not entirely. Then all of a sudden, you start to dislike the emperor, then hate him! Then you want Ruyi and the other man to get together and oh god, let me stop here before I reveal too much. But damn, this show… Did a lot to me. Also, Fan Bingbing and Aarif Rahman, haaaaaaaay 😉 I mean, the chemistry between those two while acting is amazing! Such good actors. So definitely try this one if you are interested in this drama, the first one was good but this one is better.

#3: Jade Palace lock heart. * I couldn’t find the actual trailer of this drama so I chose to put the opening of the drama in here instead. However please do not judge this drama based solely by the opening of it because it’s really really good. If you want more information about this show and if don’t you believe me when I tell you it’s really good, you can Google some of it. But believe me, it’s good. Have I explained how good it is yet? 😉 *



I stumbled upon this one when frantically looking for a new Chinese drama addiction after Empress of China. At first I thought this one wasn’t going to do it for me. I read a lot of articles about this show and most were all negative. However, like I said I needed a new addiction. It was good though! This drama, unlike the previous two didn’t start off like I had expected. It was completely different and therefore interesting, so I stuck around. This drama also takes you on a roller coaster of emotions but that comes later on in the show. In the beginning however, I was pleasantly surprised by the humor in this show! The sense of humor doesn’t go away entirely but with time does fade away a bit to make room for the actual drama. But oh lord, did I love the humor in it. I don’t know if this is typical Asian humor or whatnot but I enjoyed every second of it. The actress is so funny and does a good job at both fun and dramatic/sad. Once again, as I’ve noticed with all three of these dramas there’s a love triangle in this show as well. However, the ending of this show is definitely a happy one even if you don’t expect it at all, which was the case for me. Once again, I cannot stress how different this drama is compared to the other two. Yes, it is about a girl ending up in the harem of a Chinese Palace with an emperor and yada yada but it has a different core. A different base and it sticks to this concept throughout the entire drama, from start to finish. Also, I love the song : the offering of love. But only when sung by the lead actress herself. In conclusion. This drama to me, was better than Empresses in the Palace but less good than Empress of China.

Theyre all good, I’m not saying either of these are bad or one is total garbage compared to the other. All I’m saying is, and I will end this post with that as well: if I had to make a top 3, this is how I would compile it.

  • Empresses of China on number 3
  • Jade Palace lock heart on number 2
  • And without a doubt, The Empress of China on number 1

However, please do not take my personal opinion entirely serious because you might have a complete different view on each of them. If you like dramas that revolve around ladies in an old historical Chinese palace/harem 😉




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    • Hahah thanks for taking the time to comment! I don’t blame you, most of all the dramas are a bit too girly I suppose. But you’re very welcome, you liked my comments and I love reading up on LDR couples and Taiwan ^^

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