The worst job ever.

Hi guys, so I wanted to take a little break from the LDR stories and tell you guys a story about the worst job I’ve ever had. Also, the shortest time I’ve worked somewhere and also the first official job I’ve ever had. I keep saying that the company I worked for, for three years is the first job I had because I don’t consider the job I’ll be talking about now, as a real job since I left after two days. Basically I was fired after two days but I was more than happy to leave. So let’s get into the details, shall we?

I just finished my education at high school and had to look for jobs. I started looking online and found several jobs, which I applied for. It took a long time to actually find one and I didn’t even care what kind of job I’d get in the end. I had bills that would start to come in on the first of September and I needed a job. I didn’t even care anymore. I applied for cleaning jobs, jobs as an English translator for companies, long story short: I tried everything. Until eventually I came across a job fairly close to where I lived, as a hotel maid / chambermaid. I was going on a vacation in August for three weeks so I could only begin in September. I applied for the job nonetheless and within a few days I got a response. They asked me to come over for a job interview and I was thrilled. So far, I hadn’t come so far so you can imagine the happiness I felt. I arrived at said hotel for the interview with all my papers and stuff ready. I was introduced to this lady who wasn’t going to be my superior but I would run into her a few times during work.  I had to fill in my information and we went over every single detail of the contract. She was real nice, but at that point I still did not meet the person who was in charge of the hotel maid position.


The contract contained the following: I’d work for 15 hours a week. I would have to be there at 9 A.M. , start the shift at 09:30 and finish at 12:30 P.M.  So I would work for three hours a day, five days a week. I know I have dyscalculia but you guys can do the math right ? Three hours a day, five days a week, equals 15 hours a week. Right? Okay let’s get that straight. We discussed some things together and she asked me what I did outside of work.

At that time, my stepfather had recently gotten his daughter back and took her in with us. However she required constant attention and could not be left home alone. When we would come back from our three week vacation, work would start for all three of us and school would start for my (at that time) stepsister. She would go to a certain type of school for children like herself and only have half days of school. So, she would finish around 1 P.M. What this meant for us was that we all had a certain type of schedule to follow at home as soon as we’d be back. My mother would work until 3 in the afternoon, my stepfather until 4 in the afternoon and I would finish at 12:30. Because I was the one to finish first and my work would be pretty close to her school, I’d be the one to pick her up. Traveling from my work to her school would take about 20 minutes so I’d arrive there around 1 P.M. The school had a type of daycare as well in case parents couldn’t pick up their kids on time but they would charge a LOT of money if the kids would stay after 1 P.M. At the time we didn’t have that much money so we couldn’t afford to keep her at the daycare.

I told the woman at the job interview all of this, thinking that she would eventually pass it on to the lady that was actually going to be in charge of my position aka my superior. All was well and I signed my contract. I would begin on the 1st of September and work for 15 hours a week. Remember, she told me this countless of times guys. 15 hours a week, three hours a day. I know I keep repeating it but this is important for later.

Before we went to Poland for our three week vacation I was shopping with my mother and we would take the bus from and to the mall, and back home again. It was a hot summer that year so obviously I didn’t wear my winter coat with my deep pockets. I wore my summer jacket that had these real small pockets that couldn’t fit my phone into them. I did however have a pocket on my chest and I’d put my phone in there so I could see it at all times. On the way home from the mall, in the bus, I remember the bus was especially wonky that time. It was an older bus and so the bus would be more prone to shaking around when driving. When we got off the bus we went home and when I arrived home I realized that my phone was gone. I ran back to the bus stop and there was already a new bus there waiting but the old one was gone. I checked everywhere, even a supermarket nearby where we went to hours ago but figured it must’ve fell out of my pocket while being in the wonky old bus.  So I didn’t have a phone anymore. Work couldn’t contact me and we didn’t have the money to buy a new one. Not having a phone for three weeks during my vacation was fine though. While I was there I bought myself work shoes and a pair of pants for work, because my job was only going to provide me with a t-shirt.

When we got back from our vacation I still had about one week  before work would start for all of us. My mother got a new phone and a new phone number during that week, after having her old phone number for over 9 years. I knew her old phone number but not her new one. I figured I wouldn’t really need it since I didn’t have a phone. We called my phone company and asked if they could get me a new SIM card ASAP and we would try to get a phone to put the SIM card into. My mom then decided to lend me her old phone until I’d get the SIM card from my phone company. Which I was supposed to pick up a week later on a Tuesday at 1:30 P.M. So I had a phone with me to listen to music to whilst I was traveling. I couldn’t call with it, couldn’t send messages with it, only listen to music on it.

The first day of work started for me. I arrived well on time for my first day, finally met my superior for the first time and she gave me my t-shirt. She showed me around, introduced me to my coworkers, gave me a keycard that opened all the doors in the hotel and taught me a bit about cleaning rooms and what to do. It was pretty easy for me to keep up because I was used to most of the chores: cleaning toilets, showers, vacuuming rooms, dusting off furniture, changing the garbage bags in the bins. Only making the beds was a bit different for me because they have a certain way to do so and the bed has to look perfect for the guests. After all, it was a five star hotel. So I’m done with my first shift, the clock strikes 12:30 and I get told I’m done and get to leave. My superior was very happy with me, for my first day. I left feeling confident and ready for day two. If this is what my job was going to be like, I didn’t mind it.

Afterwards I pick up my stepsister at her school and go home. When my mom came home she told me that tomorrow she would finish work ealier, go to the mall and wait for me there at the phone store. Because that day would be Tuesday and I’d get to pick up my SIM card and finally use my phone again. It would be a lot easier since my mother and I could call each other if there were any changes in our plans and schedule for my stepsister. So the plan for Tuesday would be: I go to work, finish at 12:30, pick up my stepsister, go to the mall with her to meet up with my mom and get my new SIM card. Easy enough right? – Right.

I go to work that morning, arrive on time again and my superior even compliments me for being the only one who gets to work on time. I start my shift and an hour into my shift, I am in a hotel rooms shower, cleaning it thoroughly… When I .. Rip out of my pants. I squatted to get down to the floor level of the shower to clean that and I ripped out of my pants! I was so shocked, I just reached around and felt that my pants had ripped exactly where my butt was !! I was mortified. I wasn’t nearly done with this hotel room yet and I had no spare clothes with me since I arrived at work already wearing them. I finished cleaning that room thoroughly though, because I’m a professional and I didn’t want to leave a room half clean / half dirty in case the owner of the room would come back. After I finished I looked around four different floors for my superior, while covering my butt, showing my not so flattering panties. When I finally found her I told her the story, but I was so extremely embarrassed. She took me to a lost and found room of the hotel where there were a few pants from people who stayed in the hotel! They weren’t even washed or anything. I tried on a few pants but during that time I was at my heaviest and could only (barely!) fit into a man’s jeans. It was a yellow pair of jeans, covered in what seemed like white paint splatters. I was disgusted, who knows what was really on those pants. I couldn’t even fully fit the pants. They were so tight around my hips and I had to keep pulling it up.

I was not happy at all but decided not to let this bother me. I was almost done with my shift and then I’d go home first and change into normal pants before meeting up my mother at the mall. When 12:30 rolled around, I couldn’t see my superior at all so decided to finish the room I was working on for five more minutes and told one of my coworkers that it was time for me to go. She then looked at me questionably and said: ‘Uhm, I don’t know what she told you(the superior), but we work until 3:30 every day.’ I tried to explain to her that my contract was for three hours a day but she kept saying it wasn’t so and that I should probably find the superior and ask her personally. So I was already running a bit late and looked for her. When I found her and told her the deal she gave me a not so happy look and told me: ‘You work until 3:30, you only work until 12:30 on your first day.’

Wait what? ‘No, no, you don’t understand. The lady at the job interview went over the contract with me several times and explained to me that I work 15 hours a week, three hours a day, five days a week. Which would be from 9:30 until 12:30.’ She just looked at me and gave me a VERY displeased look, saying: ‘Well, I know so-and-so a lot better and longer than you do, so I’d know she wouldn’t tell you that. Unless you’re lying to me now, Naomi.’ Wait okay, hold up. You’re now saying to me that I’m lying?! No no no no noooooo, honey, no. I was getting defensive about it and kept insisting that this was so. She then went downstairs with me and showed me the contract she had of me and guess what it said? I work from 9:30 until 3:30 every day.

Now at this point I was really confused. I don’t know how this happened, clearly I was told differently during the interview. Clearly I am not lying. I know for a 100% that this is not right and that there was a miscommunication somewhere. But I’m way too confused to figure that out right now. Meanwhile my superior is impatiently tapping her foot with this real smug look on her face because she is “right” in this moment. She finally breaks the silence by saying: “So, anyways. I have a lot of work to do and you as well. I planned you into this schedule for the whole day and we need to get to it.” Woah now hold up a moment. I explain to her the story that I really need to go and pick up my stepsister and have an appointment at 1:30. She shrugs and causally says to me: ‘You know, I have a daughter and I sometimes have to let her stay at daycare as well. So be it. Work comes first.” At this point this lady is really starting to piss me off. First of all, you may be able to do so but my family cannot. We do not have the funds you have so we cannot afford this. And secondly, you’re just being a bitch right now.

Of course I didn’t say this to her. I try to explain to her that we cannot and I really cannot stay until 3:30 today. I have no issues whatsoever in staying longer the next day, working overtime and doing what I was supposed to do today. I have no problem with catching up or taking over a shift with somebody else. I don’t even care that even though during my interview I was definitely told different, I now have to work much more than I was told. She gets pissy with me now saying simply: no, I cannot let you go now.

Okay. That’s it. I tell her: I cannot stay today. Tomorrow or any other day but not today. When she finally gets that I’m not going to give in, she says: okay, can’t you call home and explain to them the situation and try and figure something out? “Well, I’d love to but I have no SIM card in my phone, I was supposed to pick that up after picking up my stepsister. ” – Okay then I’ll let you call home with our phone, how about that? “My mother isn’t home right now.” – then we’ll let you call a mobile number even if that’s more expensive. At this point I know it all sounds like excuses but you guys read the backstory in this post I typed. You probably know what I’m going to say next to this less than understanding woman: “I don’t know her number, she changed it a week ago after having the same number I memorized for 9 years.”

I can tell she’s getting mad at me and you know what I can understand that it now sounds like I’m completely making all of this up but you know what? I wish I did make everything up at that point. This really happened to me and I know it sounds weird but it’s just all a very misfortunate situation. Honestly, the mistake lies with your coworker for miscommunicating with both of us. This is not my fault.

She finally opens her mouth and says: “Well, you know what? I’ll leave the decision up to you. I say that I really need you right now and that you cannot leave. You say you have to. But if you choose to leave right now, I want you to hand in your keycard, send your shirt to headquarters in a different city and leave this building.”

This lady is seriously blackmailing me now. Oh so just because there’s been a mistake made on your end, and I have plans that I cannot change right now last minute, you’re basically saying that because of that, you’re misusing your “power” as a superior and telling me you’ll fire me for this? However, I stood my ground. “Then I’ll choose to leave because my work doesn’t come first. Family does.” I’m not going to let my mother and stepdad pay the jackpot for daycare when they do not have that money. I’m not going to leave my stepsister who has personal disorders, alone at her school while we promised to pick her up. I will most certainly not pick a bossy, unfair, unreasonable, bitchy superior over all of this. She just looks at me and says: “Alright, then hand in your keycard please. I’ll write down the address of headquarters so you can send your shirt to them.” I start to sob at this point and burst out into tears. Though I’ve been very serious up until this point. I am a sensitive person. I tried to reason with this woman. This whole situation is not my fault. It was my first job and I literally had it for only one day. And all in all, I can’t stand being mistreated when I haven’t done anything wrong.

She “tries” to calm me down, but not really because she’s an asshole. She moves me out of the lobby where we’ve been standing all this time so hotel guests won’t see me cry. All I want at this point is leave but she keeps talking to me, making me feel guilty. Eventually I stop her in the middle of her talking and say: I’d like to go now.

I hand in my keycard and go to the toilets to come to my senses and calm down. At this point it’s already 1:30 P.M. I am late for my appointment, my stepsister is waiting for me, as is my mother who can’t reach me at all and my parents now have to pay a lot of money for those 30 minutes my stepsister stayed longer. Even longer because when I’ll get to her, it’ll be 1:50 P.M.

I left the hotel still emotional with the address to send the shirt to. Wearing those filthy white stained man pants. FYI, I never sent the shirt back. I kept it on the bottom of my closet until we moved to this house, then I threw it away. As a big middle finger to that “superior” who told me to send it back. Looking back now, I’m glad I dodged that bullet. If that’s what you’re gonna be working for, you’re better off without them. My mom was totally fine with it, she did tell me that she knew this hotel was known for mistreating their employees but I was so happy that I had a job finally, that she didn’t want to ruin this for me. She only hoped that what she heard about the hotels staff wasn’t true.

Also, looking back, I hate that I cried back then but it was just a really bad situation. I felt hopeless and mistreated mostly. I didn’t do anything wrong. My day already started off bad and maybe it was a sign. You could look at it as ‘just a pair of pants ripping right in the butt area’ but maybe it was a sign. That: “this job can kiss my (now) visible butt.”

Ah, you live and you learn though. So this was my worst job ever story. It was long, I know. But I needed to tell you every single detail of it. Because those little details would matter later in the story. However, I thank you for reading up so far and have a good day! P.S. I hope you never have to be in a position like this 🙂


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