Am I going to move to Taiwan?

Little disclaimer: from now on I will call my boyfriend by his initials, which are ‘TY’.

Hello guys,
So in my latest blog post I gave a lot of tips of maintaining your LDR and mentioned at some point that; if you’re in a LDR, one of you will have to move to another country and leave everything behind. I know it sounds bad when I type it like that but you have to be realistic with yourself. You will be leaving everything behind. Your life. Your job. Your family and friends. Your country. Your language and in some cases your culture.
TY and I have been talking a lot about who will be the person to do so but frankly we both agreed on it pretty fast. For one simple reason: I don’t want him to live here.

I know that might seem odd but let me explain..

My country isn’t flourishing anymore, I feel like. It’s very expensive compared to Taiwan and living together or on your own is very hard in my country. It would be almost impossible for us to start a life together here. On top of that, his family is Asian. Their culture is very different compared to mine and so they have certain views about a family life. Of course the same can be said about my culture but then there’s still the matter of a future in my country, which is damn near impossible.

Living in Taiwan seems to be a lot better and easier compared to my country and there’s lots of other factors that are important in this matter. Which I will not be addressing in this post for it would get too personal and too dragged on.
So will I be moving to Taiwan some day? I can’t say we are both sure about it but at least we’ve made preparations for when that day might actually come. If so, I will go.
It’s hard to say: yes I am sure. Because you never know what tomorrow might has in store for you. On top of that, there’s a lot of planning and things to do before this actually can be done. I have to learn Mandarin and I have to get accustomed to the Taiwanese culture. I have to know exactly how and when I can go there. What kind of job I’ll be having by then(which also requires a lot of planning). I have my own little doggy who’s already 8 years old, and that’s old for a chihuahua already, who has never flown before on an airplane. The entire trip to Taiwan takes 16 hours if I use China Airlines and I have no idea how I’d be bringing my chihuahua on the plane for that long without having problems. Then there’s the matter of visa’s. If I’m correct and still remember this right for me to go to Taiwan, I’d need a working-visa. Which is only for 5 months, once again: if I remember this right. Then I’d have to renew my visa every five months and have a stable job. Then there’s the student-visa but I’m pretty sure you cannot use that visa and then decide to work because then you’d need the work-visa. And lastly we have the easiest and best visa of them all: the permanent visa aka the citizens visa. Which doesn’t require you to have a stable job in order to keep it, doesn’t have to be renewed ever and pretty much means you’re now an official Taiwanese citizen. But in order to require that beautiful wondrous visa, you would either need to: have already lived five years in Taiwan by for example a work-visa OR … Get married to your spouse but only if he/she is a local. Since TY and I do not plan to get married yet, that isn’t an option. Very easy, but not an option.

And these are just a FEW things that we’ve both gone over as time progressed. As you can see we still need much more time to cover all of these things and more. Which is totally fine. We’re both still very young and still have a lot ahead of us. First I still want to visit him a few more times and I definitely want him to visit me. We still have to meet each others parents and of course there’s the matter of his military service and college.

So for now, I’m fine in the Netherlands and he’s fine in Taiwan. But if you’re in a LDR, always make sure you know who’s going to be ‘the one’ who’s going to leave their country of origin. Because it’s not something easy to do. Now if you live in the same country that’s just very big, it’s a slightly different thing but it would still come down to the same in the end.

That’s it for this blog post, however I’m planning on making another real soon so if you like my blog please stick around to read that one as well, if you’d like πŸ™‚
Thanks again so much for reading and have a lovely day.


4 thoughts on “Am I going to move to Taiwan?

    • I know it really is beautiful right?! I stayed for two weeks as well. I’m planning to stay three weeks next year. That’s so awesome. Where in Taiwan is your boyfriend from ? πŸ™‚

      • He’s from Vancouver actually but he was born in Taiwan. πŸ™‚ His mom and him went back to Taiwan for vacation and I flew from Manila and meet him there. Heh. πŸ˜€

  1. Oh that’s awesome. Yeah I saw your blog and I was a bit confused but now I get it. So will you one day both live in Taiwan, you think? Or am I moving too fast now? Hahah :3

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