Things I’ve noticed in Taiwan.

Here’s a video I’ve been dying to make for a while now. I’ve had some issues which I will get to in this video below. Just a few disclaimers before you click this:
#1: The reason I am uploading this to YouTube is because I’ve been having issues with Vimeo, which I would normally use. For some reason, after rendering this video into an .AVI file, it still wasn’t supported by Vimeo. But maybe the length of this video was also an issue for Vimeo.
I do not really use my YouTube channel for anything else. I have my ‘Trip To Poland’ video on there and two old videos I made back in school. It seems as though I will be using it now if I have any more videos I want to post on WordPress.
#2: I used to be sort of okay at editing videos back in school but I have lost my touch, so editing is definitely not ‘on fleek’ in this video. At some parts I had a really hard time editing well, because of the editing program that’s on my desktop. I used to work with Camtasia and this one is completely different. Also, I just suck at editing.. No excuses, Naomi. At the end of the video the music goes on for a few more minutes with just a black screen, so that’s real professional as well(not). But I really tried for you guys to make it less boring and I hope that it will be good enough to watch.

These are just a few disclaimers, nonetheless: I really hope you guys will enjoy this video and the things I mention in it. I even share a quite ‘personal’ story in it about toilets…


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