Almost there!

Hey Guys! So the time is almost here! In 2 weeks and 3 days I will be at the airport of Amsterdam, waiting for my 16 hour flight to Taipei, Taiwan. I am getting more excited as the days go by, On the 29th of July, I still thought to myself: it will still take so long!! But then the 1st of August, I got a liiiittle scared because I still had to do some things (and have yet still to do) before the magical date arrives.

So now it’s the 5th of August and tomorrow’s my mother’s birthday. She’s not really going to celebrate it and ontop of that, I will be working until 5 PM. Last Sunday I’ve finally decided to finish cleaning my room. Before, I had only sorted out all my clothes and threw away 80% of the junk in my room(also old things I just never threw away). But I knew I still had to clean my room. Like, wiping the floor, cleaning under my bed(a place I haven’t been under since I started living here which is 3 years ago), mopping the floor and throwing away the other 20% of junk in my room. I wanted to do that on Monday, but when I got home from work on Sunday evening… I thought to myself: I know me.. I know that tomorrow I won’t want to do this anymore on my day off.. So let’s get to it and finish this room. I did just that so now that’s done, I was able to focus on the last things… I told myself on Monday, that on Wednesday(my second day off this week) I would start washing ALL of the clothes I intend on bringing with me to Taiwan. However… I will probably have to sort out all of it again before packing it.. Because something tells me that some of these clothes will not fit me anymore or maybe are too ‘warm’ for Taiwan’s Tropical weather.

But since today I took 6 hours washing my three piles of laundry(color, white and black clothes), I think I will have to sort it all out and start packing on Friday(my third day off this week). Then when I’m doing this, I am planning on making a list of everything I put in my bag. So that in the last week before I leave, I won’t go like: Did I pack this? Did I pack that? – and then having to take out everything from my bag again. So this way it will be more efficient for me. Ontop of that, I can always grab the list later and go: Hmm… I will probably add another jacket or pair of socks or whatever. It just makes things clearer to me. Also I don’t think that sorting out/checking the clothes and making the list + filling my bag will take me an entire day.. So I will also start to weigh my bag as well. Because I am allowed to have luggage that’s 20 Kilo’s. And handluggage is allowed to be 8 Kilo’s. So that’s pretty much this weeks plan. Next week I don’t know when my days off will be.. But next week the only thing left to do is to ask my sweet mother or stepfather if one of them can print out the plane tickets for me. I know that you can’t really Print the actual tickets by the way… but it’s more like a …. proof that you’ve bought them and I kind of just want to take that with me in case anything happens at the airport or whatever.

Then after that’s done I can sort of “relax” because then I’ve done everything I needed to do before leaving. But then again I probably can’t really relax anyways because I’ll be constantly thinking about maybe some more ”neccesities” I need to buy before departure.
I’m getting really nervous all of a sudden typing about this.. because now I feel like it’s really coming close. And part of me still cannot believe that I’m actually going to be doing this on my own.. Without my mother there beside me. Though I have a friend/local/guide to help me whilst I’m there… It’s still the 16 hour flight all by myself without ever having flown before on an airplane. So yeah I’m pretty nervous thinking about that. But at the same time I am still so happy I did this. It just comes to show how much I wanted this…

You know.. a friendship ended because of this. Not entirely because of THIS but it was definately the straw that broke the camel’s back. And I do not regret this… My old friend was really holding me down.. Constantly saying things like: Oh you can’t do this, you can’t do that… You’re too this for that and you’re too that for this.. And she was weighing me down. Because you know what? I CAN do it. Everybody can do this. Even if it’s normally not in your nature to do something so ‘adventurous’, you can still DO It. If you have the tools: The money, the will, the oppurtunity, the strength, the health and the time to do it… Then what’s stopping you ?! The only thing between you and your dreams is you, other people and that little insecure voice inside your head that’s been put there by jealous and hateful people. If you want to do something and you CAN do it… Then just do it.
Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. And if you’re in the same situation like I was or I am… Then please don’t let somebody hold you down. It’s definately not worth it. Though you might be sharing part of your life with a ‘friend’, it’s still YOUR life. YOUR dreams, YOUR memories and YOUR stories to tell. And I’ll have you know that I still do not regret any decision I’ve made over the past 5 months. I am happy, I am lucky, I feel blessed and I can’t wait!