Warning ⚠ Danger

Have you guys ever found yourself to be in a situation where you know problems are imminent? A situation that you don’t want to happen but it sort of gradually happens anyways. You’re trying everything to not feel that way but you just can’t help yourself. I didn’t want this to happen, but it’s happening and it’s something new for me. I’m falling for my friend. I’ve never before befriended a guy and then ended up having feelings for him. When at first it was just his appearance, it’s now becoming stronger and deeper. I now notice little things that I have come to love. The way he fixes his hair because it’s become a habit of his. The way his (a little) crooked teeth show when he smiles. The way his laughter sounds so good to my ears. The way I melt inside when he says “Mmm…” when I wake him up everytime. The way he’s honest with me and has his own opinion. Or the way he teases me without knowing he does. The way he makes me smile, or calm down when I’m stressed or nervous. Most importantly; how he says that I need to eat breakfast every morning.

Those little things and more, because believe me; the list goes on.. Those are the things that pierce right through my heart. It’s so foreign to me because I’ve never felt like there was more to lose than right now. What if I can’t control my feelings anymore. What if he notices? Our friendship will be at stake. It’s always been so easy for me to notice when a guy likes me. But with him… It’s like the more we talk(literally every day), the more he confuses me. All these mixed signals. The fact that even though he tells me more about himself, he still remains a mystery and I get more and more intrigued in him. It only makes him all the more interesting.

Now I also notice his flaws. But they don’t even matter to me. It makes him even more perfect to me. If only I could tell him. If only he would be clear. When will these feelings go away? Flaws and all, you remain perfect to me