My Acrylic Nails-Expierence

My Acrylic Nails-Expierence

Hi guys! So I took my nails off yesterday and was finally able to remove the last bits off an hour ago. I thought this would be a good time to tell y’all how I expierenced the nails and give you my thoughts on them.

So first things first: I absolutely adored my nails! They were beautiful, made my hands look more feminine and they were awesome to look at. I got several positive comments about them and even strangers at my work commented on it. Saying they looked beautiful and asking where I got them done. So, I have to say they gave off quite the positive vibe.
S. told me that I was able to have the nails for about 4/5 weeks before they would start to look bad and that’s when I had to take them off. However, I forgot that her nails hardly grow and that her nails are very weak. That was the whole reason why she started taking acrylic nails. My nails on the other hand, they grow fast, they’re very strong and … well I basically don’t need them because my nails can look the same with a lot of care and work on them. But I am simply too lazy to do that. And though my own nails will never look as beautiful and perfect as acrylic nails(because I suck at cutting them and keeping them at an equal length), I think for now this is my first and last time I took them… For now.

The reason why is simply because I could see my own nails coming through underneath the fake nails after two weeks of having them. Which is, if you ask me, way too fast after paying 40 bucks for them. Also, taking OFF the nails is a frustrating process to me. Yesterday I asked my mother to bring home nail polish remover without acetone, because you don’t want that stuff on your fingers. I poured a shit ton of that in a glass bowl and put my left hand in it for about 10 minutes… Nothing happenend, other than the fact that my nail polish started to look horrible. Then I got the brilliant idea to maybe take off the nail polish first. So I did that to both my hands and then put my left hand in the bowl with nail polish remover again for another 10 minutes. The only thing that happenend was that my fingertips were starting to look pruney and started to feel extremely dry. I went to smoke a cigarette to contemplate what I was going to do about my nails. Re-polishing them wasn’t an option at this point. Once I start something, I NEED to finish it. Especially because I wanted to have them off before Tuesday, because that’s when I work again.
After the cigarette I decided to cut my nails short. As short as I could. I dipped my nails in the nail polish remover again and was able to cut them short that way. Then I was stuck. I didn’t have anymore ideas at that point. Pulling them off was a no-no, since I read that would cause your own nail-layers to come off with the acrylic nails. And it could give you an infection when done the wrong way. I was desperate and Googled ‘how to remove acrylic nails’ instead.
The article I was reading said that no matter what, you shouldn’t CUT your fake nails short but file them short. Well shit. I had already cut them at that point but since nothing bad happenend(e.g.: no blood pouring out of my fingertips, I didn’t lose my entire fingertip) I figured I could just continue to step 2: Dip some cotton pads in nail polish remover until they are soaking wet, wrap it around your nails, then wrap some tin foil tightly around the cotton pads and your finger, keep them on for about 30 minutes and after that, take them off slowly and you should be able to take off your acrylic nails.

Well.. I did do just that. I was watching Bridget Jones Diary 2 for the 20th time and I figured I wouldn’t really have a problem with not being able to move my hands for 30 minutes. However, I could only do one hand at a time because wrapping your other hand in tin foil with one hand already in it… Is really hard. So one hand at a time. After 10 minutes my left hand started to get really hot and my fingertips started to burn, itch and throb(yes… throb). It felt reaaaally uncomfortable but I had no choice. Longest 30 minutes of my life and I still had to do the right hand as well. I took the tin foil and the cotton pads off and … Well I was able to scratch and pull SOME of the gel off my nails but it wasn’t as the article said it would be. So I did the same to the other hand and when I was finally done…. I filed off as much gel as I could from my nails. Yet I still had the gel on my nails. I was getting fed up. It was late, Bridget Jones was already over and I felt like I seriously needed to put some lotion on my hands. They were DRY. And I mean, DRY. I went to bed and when I woke up today I decided to just try and pull off the last bits of gel. That worked! It was sort of painful sometimes, and I also needed to use a file again and a cutter to try and cut/file the remainders of the gel still on my nails. But NOW. Finally, everything is off. The only thing left on my nails is the glue, I suppose and the nails look very damaged. But I can live with that. It did feel very nice to have the gel off because I felt air on my nails again. Which is a nice feeling, I can tell you that much.

So, all in all.. The nails were fun. They were nice, they looked pretty, my hands looked feminine and I got lots of positive feedback on them. Buuuuut, I will probably not do it again for a long time. Working with them wasn’t really that hard either. I just had to figure out how to use them while working and how to be cautious. Because if your acrylic nails get stuck or you hit them against something, IT HURTS. Much more than it would when you don’t have acrylic nails it seemed.

Maybe one day I’ll decide to do them again, maybe then I’ll take pointy one’s since that’s something I’d really like to have one day. But that will be when I’m on vacation or something. Since I don’t have to use them during work then. Because I do have to say, when you work, your nails look awful very quickly and it’s just a pity when you’ve paid 40 bucks for them. Also, I think it sucks that my nails grow so fast because again: paying that much money and then only being able to really ‘enjoy’ your nails for two weeks, SUCKS. S’s nails looked much better and less ugly after two weeks. Mainly because her nails grow very slowly and she doesn’t work with them. She goes to school only and there’s not a whole lot that could go wrong at school with your nails, I believe.

So maybe one day I’ll get them re-done. At the same store because I was treated nicely. By the guy working there at least. The women only talked to eachother in Vietnamese and the one who was doing my nails was rough as shit with my nails. They really did hurt the first night of having them. Simply because she was that rough. But then again, I guess they will always be that rough while doing your nails. Also, I know that you can re-fill your nails after a couple of weeks by the same store but that would’ve costed me another 25 euro’s. I could do so much more fun stuff with that money. Besides it would’ve only given me another two weeks or so to really ‘enjoy’ my nails and I am after all a Dutchie. And we’re cheap people. If you really am a big big fan of acrylic nails(which I think is only when your natural nails don’t grow much or look really really bad) then I guess you wouldn’t really mind spending that much money on them every single time. But if you’re not a big fan, like I am, and just really enjoy them for once in a while, then I bet you’ll agree with me when I say that: Having acrylic nails.. Really is an expensive hobby…


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