Dear future boyfriend,

I don’t know when you’ll find me but I hope soon. I can guarantee you that I’ll love everything about you. I will be mesmerized by you. By your eyes, your beautiful face, your soft lips, your smooth voice, your strong arms and hands, your smile and everything good you will do and say. I will promise you I’ll try to be the best girlfriend ever. There will be days where I’ll be a cunt and I do apologize for it already. I can’t stop myself from being a girl, so things will happen that won’t be nice. Though still, I’ll try to learn from every situation that occurs. I’ll try not to be clingy, try not to be jealous, though I think I can’t not be jealous of every girl that you’ll talk to. Even if she’s just a friend. Because from that moment on, you’ll be mine and I’ll always be scared you’ll see another prettier, or better girl around. It’s not that I won’t trust you but it’s because I won’t trust my own thoughts. However, please promise me, that if there’s anything , anything at all you feel uncomfortable about, you have to tell me. If you feel as if your feelings are starting to slowly dissapear for me, please tell me honestly. Let me know so I can try and work it out with you. Tell me and be honest. Even if I’ll start to cry, even when I say I don’t understand or when I say I can’t look at you anymore. Tell me. Because if you’re just going to do whatever and leave me hanging, it’s going to hurt even more. I’ll promise I’ll do the same if this happens, though I don’t think it will. If you are with me, I’ll be in seventh heaven. Not wanting to wake up, not wanting to get my head out of the clouds. I’ll be in love with you. And I can offer you my love, and my heart. Because it’s literally all I can do. I have so much love to give and I am willing to give and share it all with you. 

I love you. Though I haven’t met you yet. I love you with my entire heart and I am waiting for you. Just here. Waiting. If you ever need me, I’ll be here. I’ll be listening to you. I’ll be hearing you out and I will be the shoulder you can cry on. The one you can depend/rely/and build on. I will be everything you need, I promise you this. Because if we meet, I’m sure we’ll both know it. Know that we were meant to be. Meant to be together. We’ll fit, we’ll suit eachother. We’ll have the same sense of humor, sure we’ll dissagree every once in a while but that’s only understandable. 
I hope you’ll come along soon. 

I’m waiting. Yours truely, Naomi ♥