10 Things I Hate About Guys

Don’t worry! I’ll make a ’10 things I hate about girls’ too! I’m not just focussing on the male’s here. It’s just something I really needed to get off of my chest. And maybe I’ve met the wrong male’s but seriously… These are 10 things I Hate About Guys.

#1) When they think you’re being clingy just by talking to them a lot.
If I have a guy friend , I will talk to him just like I talk to my girls. I’ll probably turn it down a little bit because, hey you know what, I know you’re a dude and you’re different than girls. It doesn’t instantly mean I’m clingy just because I talk a lot. I for one, enjoy talking to my friends, whether you’re a guy or a girl. It doesn’t make a difference to me. Clingy, is when you literally want to know each and every detail about the life your male friend is living. ‘Hey, what are you doing? Why? Why are you going to that place? Am I not invited? Oh, it’s like a guy thing? I can do that. Guuy thing.’ <- THAT’S clingy.

#2) When guys ignore you for hours and then blame it on some cock’n’bull story , like ‘Oh my phone just randomly died.’ – NO. We’re not that dumb, guys.  Just be honest and tell us: ‘Hey, sorry, I don’t really feel like talking right now.. I’ll hit you up later.’ 
THERE. That’s all you need to do. Ignoring us, will usually just lead to a very pissed off woman.

#3) Insecure guys. Okay, I know there are a shit ton of insecure girls and so there are guys out there too. And you know what? I don’t mind boosting your ego every once in a while. As a friend, I’d be more than happy to do so. But, when I tell you that you look handsome and you go and pull the whole: ‘Really? Don’t I look fat in that shirt?’ (Yeah, I’ve heard this one 2 days ago from a guy). Like… I would NOT say you look handsome if I thought you looked fat in that shirt. Then, I wouldn’t have said anything about your body, I would probably say something nice about your face, or your arms, or whatever. I’m not the kind of girl to trashtalk about guys anyways so…

#4) Guys who assume you’re PMS-ing just because you’re in a bad mood. Hey guys, have you ever heard of the crazy raging hormones in our bodies? We have that issue, we have moodswings sometimes and every once in a while, things just don’t work out the way we want them to work out. Then we get upset, or mad or whatever. That does NOT instantly mean it’s PMS. How to piss off a girl? Say that when she’s already mad.

#5) Guys who ‘K.’ or ‘Ha’. Or something in that direction. And this goes for both genders actually but this time we’re talking about the men. Like, don’t ‘K.’ me when I just told you what I did. If you’re not interested, atleast try and come up with something more original than freaking ‘K.’ And what kind of answer is ‘Ha.’ when I tell you something? Again, be more original please. Those one-word-answers, really push my buttons.

#6) Guys who don’t understand it when girls take things seriously. Now, this is hard to explain but I’ll try my hardest. We girls, take (ALMOST) everything seriously. I’ve had it happen so many times that a guy ‘joked’ and that I took it seriously because it just wasn’t funny in my opinion. I understand that in that moment, I probably ruined your ‘funny moment’ but you also have to understand that a guy’s humour is slightly different than a girl’s humour. Not always, but some things just are. Then don’t get all butthurt about it, but accept and save that moment. Save it, so that it won’t happen again. Because if we can’t laugh about it the first time, we definately won’t laugh about it the second time.

#7) Guys who are too cocky. I get it! We’re hard to please to you guys, and you need a manual to understand us sometimes but we’re a different gender, bear with us! Don’t be too insecure but definately don’t be too cocky. We like a little bit of cockiness. I like it in a guy. But not too much! Like, when no one has ever called you ‘the sexiest man alive’, you’re probably not. So, don’t over do the cockiness thing because it’s a huge turn off.

#8) Guys who will make everything revolve around them. I, for example, go up to my friends(whether male or female) to talk about certain feelings. I am careful with what I say to who and I won’t just blow up in your face with my life story after I just met you. But, when I do go up to you, because I trust you and I need support, then don’t turn the conversation around and make it go about you. ‘My parents just got into a huge fight and I don’t know what to do, I’m in the middle of it.’ – ‘OH yeah, I know what that’s like. Right now, my parents are almost about to kill eachother because I didn’t get high marks and I didn’t do this and that and …..’ You get the idea. I mean, I am a great friend and I will support you whenever. But when I need you, for once, then at that moment, I can’t bring up the strength or acceptance to sit down and listen to your troubles. Can it not wait for like… 30 minutes? I just want you to hear me out and then I’m okay.

#9) Guys who give you petnames and nicknames. I’m sorry, but did I EVER ask you to call me ‘Nana’ or did I ever asked you to call me ‘babygirl'(these are actual names I’ve been called by guys). I am not Nana, my name’s Naomi: Hi, how’re you doing? And I’m NOT a babygirl. Also, don’t call girls ‘Sexy’. I’m sure there’s girls out there who DO like it but girls like me totally don’t. I know I’m not sexy and that’s not because I think I’m ugly because I know I’m not. But I’m not sexy. Sexy is what you see in lingerie magazines. I am beautiful. That’s much better than: ‘Ohhh baby, you’re so sexy. UNF.’

#10) Guys who are WAY too rude and harsh with female friends/love interests. I don’t mind swearing a few times or being sarcastic. That’s what I do with all my friends, it’s all for good fun. But don’t be TOO harsh and rude with a girl. After all: we’re girls. We’re not your buddy from football practise, we’re not that dude from the Gamestop, we’re girls! If you’re being too rude or too harsh with us, we will get all serious again and you don’t like that either, now do you?

Alright! This was my 10 Things I Hate About Guys post and I will post the other one, for girls, right after this one! 


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