10 Things I Hate About Girls

Here’s the girl-to-girl version! Things I hate about girls, including things I hate about what I do.

#1) I hate it when girls get too emotional and want to share their lifestory with EVERYONE. It’s like: I get it. I’ve been there, done that too. I know how you sometimes want to have someone helping you, supporting you and all. But don’t go run up to everyone for every small issue you got. Pick your ‘friends’ wisely. Because not everyone will understand.

#2) I hate it when girls get TOO GIRLY when they’re in love. Hey, this applies for yours truely as well. Yes, I’m not in love but I like someone very much(you guys all know that). And I hate it when I get too girly. I get giggly, giddy, childish, almost stalker-ish… I mean, it’s crazy. Not to mention that I feel the urge to talk to that guy , every, damn, second. I try not to though, you have to understand that even I think it’s annoying as hell.

#3) When girls run around fishing for compliments. This, is like the worst ever! This can piss me off to the max. I hate girls who fish for compliments. When they are OBVIOUSLY skinny as hell, almost a bag of bones only, and they go around: ohmygod, I look so FAT. 
If you’re fat, then what does that make me?(Godzilla) Like, seriously. You KNOW damn well you’re not fat. 

#4) When girls wear a shit ton of make up on their faces. The most make up I’ve ever wore was: Camouflage, foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipgloss/lipstick. And I hate to use camouflage and foundation, but sometimes with my acne, I have no other choice. But don’t cake up you’re make-up. Believe me, MOST girls who wear a lot of make-up , looked so much better without it. 

#5) Girls who twerk. 
That’s it. 

#6) Girls who cause drama themselves. Sometimes you can’t help it, and it’s like drama follows you around. ‘I didn’t choose the drama life, the drama life chose me.’
But when you go around and cause it yourself, then complain or try and pull me into your drama – hell to the no. You can go on and fix your problems all on your damn self.

#7) When girls go up to you for advice, then don’t use it. I’m all for giving advices to friends, especially the girls because we tend to freak out a lot faster than guys do. But when I actually sit down, put on my Oprah wig and take the time to help you out and give you a piece of advice… Then don’t say ‘Okay, I’ll do that’ and then don’t do it! And the worst is when they say they’ll use your advice, they don’t, and then they come back the next day with the same issue. Like, my advice stops at a certain point. If you don’t like my advice, then don’t come asking for it everytime.  

#8) Online , so-called ‘Gamer girls’ I mean, I’m a girl gamer online(There’s a difference between Gamergirls and Girl Gamers). I will shout, I will cuss, I am the filthiest son’ma’bitch on the internet. And I will treat you like a man and I will die swearing the worst words. But a gamegirl is just… UGH. Like…. Here. I can’t even… I … I’m done.

#9) Girls who take pictures of their boobs and their butts. We get it, you got curves(most of the time), but there’s no need to advertise yourself like that. You’ll get guys, of course, because they like what they see. But if you want to classy and find yourself a real nice guy for the long haul, you might want to try and do something else with your pictures. And your clothes, and the way you acts. And everything.

#10) When girls are two-faced. This is probably the worst of them all! I agree, I adjust myself to different scenario’s and people but I am not two-faced. I will not like you around my mother and trashtalk about you around my crush. It’s just horrible. Be you, because you’re the only ‘you’ on this planet. There are already so many others. If you don’t like someone, don’t like that person. Don’t pretend that you do. If you do like someone, then congratulations, you might have gotten yourself a new friend 🙂

Do you agree with me on the Guys and Girls post? Let me know and if you dissagree thats fine too. It’s just what I’ve noticed and it’s my opinion on certain things.
❤ Thanks for reading guys (: 


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