Favorite books!

Finally, finally, finally! I will FINALLY astonish you with the books I’ve been reading like a madman here. Are you ready?

It is time! I’ve read SO MANY books that it will amaze you. Yes, it amazes me how one moment(at home) I have nothing to read. And the next moment(in Poland) I see a library full of books(not really, but still a lot of books) and I can’t stop reading them! I’ve definately become a fan of ‘Konsalik’. Apparently not a man, but a woman. Let’s start off with three Konsalik books I’ve read, starting with my favorite of them all! (Not that the other 2 aren’t good).
Okay, so I can’t find the English books of it but I will translate for you all 🙂 This is the exact cover I have here(still in Poland). Translated it’s called: A summer with Danitsja. It’s my favorite book of Konsalik at the moment. It’s about a German doctor who wants to go back to Yugoslavia to end his life there. He’s had a rough life, and he wants to go back to a place that once meant the world to him. On his way there, however, he crashes together with his a car and he is found by a young girl named Danitsja. She’s there from that moment to fight against his demons. She’s there to make sure he remains alive. They fall madly in love and want to start overnew back in Germany. My new favorite book! Definately worth the read!

This is actually two books in one, but it’s about the first title: ‘The demonic Goddess.’ It’s a story in France about a painter who gets the job to paint a nude painting of a woman without a name. She wears a red veil so no one can see her face. The painter however, falls madly in love with her. Turns out at the middle of the book that he’s not the only man who has fallen for her beauty. The ending of the book serves the woman justice, if you ask me 😉 Lovely to read!!

This is the last book I read of Konsalik, I finished it yesterday , after reading it for a day and a half. It’s called ‘Cossacks love’. The story begins in old Russia, in the time of ‘Ivan The Terrible’. The Tsar wants to invade Syberia and overcome the country, together with the Stroganows(a very rich family who trades a lot throughout Russia). But they need the Cossacks to help them invade Syberia. There are two leaders of the Cossacks, very good and loyal friends: Jermak and Moesjkow. Moesjkow however, falls in love with Marina, a farmers girl who he cannot rape and kill, He takes her with him as his ‘trophy’ dressed as a boy, because women are not allowed in the Cossack Army. Marina tries to make a normal human being out of Moesjkow, who has Always been a killing, plundering, raping Cossack. A lovely story with an ending to die for!

Those were my favorite Konsalik books. Now moving on to another book(The rest of the books were mostly Dutch so I highly doubt you can find those)

I was able to find the english cover of it! So here we go: The Village Bride of Beverly Hills.
Here’s the Original description of the book in English. ‘After an arranged marriage in her native India, Priya moves with her husband to California, where they share a house with his parents.  Playing the traditional daughter-in-law role, she’s expected to clean, cook, and—because she doesn’t immediately get pregnant—find a job as well! But the job, at a glossy Hollywood gossip magazine, isn’t at all what Priya’s in-laws had in mind for a traditional Indian wife.  She soon finds herself with a secret life that she must hide from her disapproving new family. All the while, she is growing into a marriage with a man whose loyalty is decidedly torn between his parents and his bride.  This is hardly surprising, given that he met his wife only a week before their wedding.  The question is, can this fragile new love survive the pull between tradition and ambition?’
Definately worth the read! I thought it wasn’t interesting but I was wrong!! I love this book, it was the first book I read here in Poland 🙂 . So now I finally was able to give you guys some books I’ve actually read and finished.

And this is the end of my Favorite Books post! I was excited to finally be able to read and FINISH books. So thanks for reading, everyone 🙂
Bye guys! xx See you guys next time, back in my own country ♥


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