Weird Habits

Weird Habits

I was just thinking about some of my really weird habits/urges. I was wondering if I was the only one until I found out my friend/co-worker has the same. Now I wanted to show this to you all to give you guys some more insight on Naomi.

☑ The number four. First of all, the number four is my lucky number. I don’t know how it happenend or what, but at age 10 I decided that 4 was my new lucky number. I’ve been using it ever since. Maybe that’s the reason why I sometimes do things, four times in a row to feel better? Example: I might replace something four times in the exact same place. But I can’t leave it alone until I’ve done it four times.

☑ If I see a ponytail infront of me, I just HAVE to yank it. Why? I don’t know! I’ve never done it before though. But I’ve had it happen several times before now. That I had to literally sit on my hands in order not to do it to a complete stranger!

☑ Toilets.. Well, maybe it’s me just being sanitary. But as soon as I walk into a toilet stall/a strangers toilet/my own toilet/anyone’s toilet, I clean the seat. I always have these papers with me that you place ontop of the seat. I don’t know why, but I will not be doing my stuff until I believe the toiletseat is clean!

☑ You see these brown/yellow leaves in the Fall? That’s when I turn into a little kid again. I have to(and I mean HAVE TO) step on every leave to make it crunch. Sometimes I think to myself: ‘Nah, pft. You’re too old for it.’ and then walk right by them. Then I think to myself: ‘Nope. Have to do it.’ Eventually I walk back and do it anyways.

☑ The nape piercing. (from now on I’ll just call her C, instead of co-worker/friend) C, has all sorts of tattoos and piercings. Including this one: the nape piercing. Sometimes she sits infront of me in class and I (again) have to literally sit on my hands, to avoid pulling it out. I don’t know why, again. But my hands seriously ITCH when I see that piercing(or a ponytail). I strongly suggest that if you have both of these, you shouldn’t sit infront of me, anywhere.

☑ And last but not least, the famous ladder. I have to walk underneath it. I know it supposedly ‘brings bad luck’ (and I am a very gullible person). Still, I just have to do it. Same story as the leaves, sometimes I try to ignore the urge to do it, then I end up doing it anyways.

So here you go. Some weird little insight on me. Hope I’m not the only one who has these kind of urges/weird habits.

(: I think I’m really done for today guys! Thanks for reading~


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